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xkcd.com is best viewed with Netscape Navigator 4.0 or below on a Pentium 3±1 emulated in Javascript on an Apple IIGS at a screen resolution of 1024x1. Please enable your ad blockers, disable high-heat drying, and remove your device from Airplane Mode and set it to Boat Mode. For security reasons, please leave caps lock on while browsing everyone licking each others' eyeballs..... habe ich irritiert auf den Monitor geblickt. Die Erklärung kommt in einem Artikel aus dem Jahr 2013 herbeigeeilt. In meinen Augen ziemlich grenzwertig, oder? Grumpf. Zurück . https://theweek.com/articles/463163/why-are-japanese-teenagers-licking-each-others-eyeballs. https://xkcd.com/2277

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I'm looking to virally monetize your eyeballs by selling them for transplants After a little research, it appears that they are implementing RFC6555 or the Happy Eyeballs algorithm due to the unreliability of IPv6 today (as evidenced by the sporadic connectivity I have to the xkcd.com IPv6 hosts). The algorithm essentially sends a request to the IPv6 address first, but if it does not respond in a short time frame, the host should try to connect to the IPv4 address. I then went to the source. I thought this comic was referring to hand-shaking, which is effectively licking one another's eyeballs, as much as we humans touch our own eyes & mouths. TPS ( talk ) 12:19, 6 March 2020 (UTC) There is a meme (by Corona-is-hoax promoters and Communists-did-it-on-purpose proclaimers, mostly, so treat it with a pinch of salt rather than antivjral handwash) that doorknob-licking is a thing

Does this mean I can finally go back to licking eyeballs as a greeting? 34. u/uberduck 15d ago. Before vaccination: I'm going to go out and be so active after the pandemic! After vaccination: let's head back inside. 130. u/tehkier 15d ago. Might have to snooze xkcd for a few months. Vaccine rollout in my country has been much slower and this is so painful to keep getting reminded of. 34. u. This comic parodies that by claiming people are reacting to the virus by avoid licking eyeballs at starts of meeting. Virus or not, it is not normal lick eyeballs at meetings{{Citation needed}}. However, eyeball licking was a teen fad in Japan and other countries during the early 2000s, suggesting something else is going on{{Citation needed}}. This comic does not appear to have a title-text. Does this mean I can finally go back to licking eyeballs as a greeting? 38. u/uberduck 18d ago. Before vaccination: I'm going to go out and be so active after the pandemic! After vaccination: let's head back inside. 130. u/tehkier 18d ago. Might have to snooze xkcd for a few months. Vaccine rollout in my country has been much slower and this is so painful to keep getting reminded of. 36. u.

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/r/xkcd is the subreddit for the popular webcomic xkcd by Randall Munroe. Come to discuss the comics and other work by Randall with other fans In another few months we can have the mask burning party and lick each other's eyeballs or whatever. But not quite yet. Relevant XKCD:https://xkcd.com/2277

I was lucky, I suppose; I managed to snag a couple of N99 masks with several rounds of replacement filters, a few small bottles of an alcohol-mixed-w A quote from xkcd, or a link to a specific xkcd cartoon. «xkcd», a favorite webcomic for many nerdy-types on the internet, has been around a long time. During its lifetime, it has made numerous jokes on and around technology, society and many, many examples of shenanigans of all kinds.. Combine these three facts—a long life, a large list of topics and a large fanbase—and. Small update: Eliezer's response on reddit's r/xkcd plus child comments were deleted by mods. Thread removed. Rule. http://xkcd.com/56 The Cure 1/30/2006 [[An unusually realistic (for xkcd) pencil drawing of Robert Smith's head and face, with a caption underneath.]] Caption: Robert Smith should do a cover of Coldplay's 'Clocks,' so when he sings Am I part of the cure or am I part of the disease? we can say, Ooh, we know this one! {{Title Text: My first try at drawing a real face in years.}} My first try at drawing a real face in years http://imgs.xkcd.com/comics/the_cure.jp Fact check: London bar's ban on 'extended eye contact' is a satirical add to coronavirus restrictions, and not an actual rule

xkcd 2333: COVID Risk Chart by Dragonsandman in xkcd That doesn't mean that licking a stranger's eyeballs wouldn't present a major non-Covid danger. permalink; save; context; full comments (45) report; give award; CellFence Game by martin_m_n_novy in cellular_automata. PseudobrilliantGuy 0 points 1 point 2 points 16 hours ago . That's pretty cool. Kind of hard to play on a tablet, but. But if your government was downplaying the seriousness of licking eyeballs when the whole world knows how bad locking eyeballs is, you can lay at least a little blame on said government, right? The US has over 200k dead from COVID-19. This could have been avoided if the government had been staunchly pro-mask and social distancing from the start. Instead, they downplayed it as nothing to be worried about at best and a full-on hoax at worst. If the government had done the right thing from the. See, conservative politicians and their media mouthpieces have gathered around a cauldron in the middle of an oil patch and they've filled it with Kenyan dirt and pelican blood and Muslim eyeballs and a whisker from Karl Marx's beard. They've danced nude around the giant pot, with flames licking its sides from the fire beneath it, Grover Norquist and Andrew Breitbart and one Koch or. XKCD with the Best Take as Usual 1 DON'T THINK WE SHOULD OVERREACT THE CORONAVIRVS, ßVT IT MIGHT BE TIME To PUT AN END To THE CUSTOM OF STARTING BUSINESS BY EVERYONE LICKING EACH OTHERS' EYEBALLS. HVÈIAN CONTACT, BVT THAT's FAIR. GOTTA CHANGE WITH THE Tines. Announcements @ @ Coaxial TEM Waveguide 2. 2b . Em no O O.(QS X — (3QX SR on J --- —cßox C ox 130 t F — V 9 C (R Lena O O C 91.1.

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Sideways of everything but one sentence in that XKCD frame (it might be time to put an end to the custom of starting business meetings by everyone licking each others eyeballs), I had a girlfriend that liked doing that. It is the single weirdest thing I let someone do in the pursuit of teenage romance. Just so weird. I usually don't regret trying new things, but I definitely could have lived. Ganzjährig auf Achse mit der Bahn - Page #34. 15.03.2020 Angeblich lässt sich mit Geldmanagement alles regeln. Der letzte von mir wahrgenommene Fernsehauftritt von Frau Dr. Merkel im Zusammenhang mit Corona hat mir den Eindruck vermittelt, dass es schon ausreicht, wenn wir alle uns wie gute Pfadfinder im dunklen Wald verteilen [ Mindestabstand 1,50 Meter, freundlich lächelnd und positiv. I guess this is a Never-tRumper scare tactic to ensure the totally fit and sound Plugs Biden gets elected. I'm still betting brokered convention with Cuomo moving to fulfill his daddy's ambition to be Emperor of the US with Newsom as VP/Grand Moff of the West Coast, reigning from San Francisco, maybe even the potentially vacated top floors of the Salesforce Tower. There will be a lot of. * Thomas Lazarus gives the disembodied flying eyeballs a weird look. Shankfang the Deffrider:o Tavia:Lick lick slobber whine for the master. ;o; GM:Huzzah, the pit has been defeated! Thomas Lazarus:okay need napkins, typing with pinkies :9 Glitch:*FF Victory Fanfare* Shankfang the Deffrider:\o/ GM:There. Gnogglebolt:Hmm, three paths. Tathi? GM:The passage gives way to more natural. And as I mentioned, any editor would like their contributions to be held in high regard. I think if the discussion is to continue, it should be taken to the talk page for featured list nominations.- ʄɭoʏɗiaɲ τ ¢ 01:33, 30 August 2009 (UTC) Roux, put your edit in chronological order, do not skip others

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  1. The Hugo awards were announced last night at LonCon. Congratulations to the winners. As expected I came in last place for best novel. The surprising part was that I was originally 4th, but then Australian voting rules kicked in, the last place is removed and the votes are recalculated. It is a weird system, and Continue reading Hugo Aftermath Post
  2. Knutson at 10:24 AM 2 comments: My song..... This is a song im writing, its not quite finished Moonbeams This earth is colder now lets get away some how, Find somewhere.
  3. A hundred birds leapt at once from the shaking earth. A leaf fell; the first of many, as the pounding grew stronger, more violent, more energetic. A slight burning smell tickled the nose of a dog, trotting across a field. At the next deep, crackling slam, the dog turned and ran the opposite direction. First [
  4. Their eyeballs roll, their blond legs burn like brush. The poor librarian begins to stamp her feet and weep. She does not understand. When I get on my knees and lick her hand, she screams. I am a new man. I snarl at her and bark. I romp with joy in the bookish dark. /mark strand, eating poetry, 1979-
  5. But I'm up to my eyeballs in debt because no one will come to my store. The bartender took pity and explained no offense here Juan, but the locals don't trust you, they think you're selling cheap Mexican lumber. They assume that you'll put local woodcutters out of business Enlightened, Juan rushed back to his shop and put up a big sign that said, Juan's is the Nomeliest Lumber you'll ever.
  6. Does this make a lick of sense, not really but sometimes the results are interesting, most of the time they are not. Hopefully by recording all my thoughts on various aspects of life, I can capture the rare moments of glory. Also I was being constrained in my rants by character limits on Facebook. If you are a stranger and you enjoy my writing please feel free to contact me at bryantiaaron.
  7. They have tragic soul patches and creeper mustaches. They look weird. Most of them are probably not allowed within 100 yards of a playground. They have bizarre personalities that they're trying to promote, which just seems like a terrible idea. Not one of these men is going to bring the pain, excepting my eyeballs bleeding out of my skull

That is not a compliment. Please do not say this to any black woman you are interested in. Automatic turn off. Edit: this isn't a give me advice post. Im trying to GIVE t You can almost see my eyeballs. Categories: Uncategorized Tags: photo, self, uncaffeinated. Bitter-Sweet Goodbyes. September 22, 2008 Ryan G Leave a comment. In recognition of today's last-ever game at Yankee's stadium, a brief reminder of the greatness that played there. Babe Ruth, Home-Run champ for 34 years. Sole posessor of the only sports record that counts. Show me someone else that. Google's core business is selling your eyeballs to people who want to influence you. Their relationship to eyeball owners is statistical; as long as they are providing adequate quantities of wallet-connected eyeballs to the highest bidder, they do fine. This drives a fundamentally different culture than businesses that live and die by customer relationships. And culture is extremely hard to. Mysterious Photograph Collection. File: 1274044706296.png - (119.4 KB, 600x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Random quotes from random places Anonymous 13/05/05 (Sun)11:59 No.34561 Editor's Note: This story is by Igor. Do you know Igor? You should know Igor. It is rumored Igor lives in an abandoned missile silo somewhere in the Nevada desert where he makes robots out of old kitchen appliances and whispers the scriptures of the new religions

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  1. The Overview: I tend to not like trendy christian books that everyone is talking about. Lame...yes, but true nonetheless. Books by Rob Bell, Anne Lamott, The Shack and this particular book have been on my too trendy for my taste book list. I would probably really resonate with what the authors are saying, but for some reason...I just can't crack the first page. But...perhaps the tides are.
  2. utes for the road to clear before proceeding cautiously, all the while blowing their horn and shooting off flares
  3. First, a couple of things. Wordpress changed its user interface. It's kind of weirding me out. I can't find the spell check. I don't like that. Sorry for any misspellings. Dammit. Also, I covet Photoshop CS3. If anybody feels like giving me a really expensive and really early birthday present, I'll be your BFF. Okay.
  4. I don't care if she is teaching a class in p roper cabinet dusting methodology or how lick mailing envelopes, you MUST DO IT. She is my hero and she is amazing. I would make her a cape but I'm almost certain- like most fashion conscious superheroes - she already has one; in her case, though, it's likely made from reclaimed FedEx containers, recycled t-shirts, and burlap. -Overview of the Class.

User spent 20 minutes trying to move mouse cursor, without success. Welcome again to On-Call, in which The Register brings you readers' tales of tech support traumas. This week, meet Wanda, who found herself called upon to some citizen sysadminnery when shopping A seemingly invulnerable character reveals that they are actually deathly afraid of X... therefore, X is certainly going to be a recurring obstacle, no matter how unlikely. The Trope Namer is a line in Raiders of the Lost Ark, reminding us that Indiana Jones hates snakes when he discovers that the Well of Souls is crawling with them. A subset of Fatal Flaw. Fear of Thunder (also known as. error: this file has been deleted, it can be restored, but data may be corrupted. prompt: restore file? >yes no confirmation reported. lost data will be replaced with [data lost] and partially lost data will be replaced with question mark I've been neglecting my online home. There are towels on the floor, dead plants in the corners, a good inch of dust laying about on everything and I'm beginning to fear that I'd better come in and make it livable before appendage-less creatures and mice take it over as their own

October 21, 2015 fosterdisbelief News of the Weird, Wait, What? ah hunting television shows, Americans gobble more guns than cocks., anyone else feel like the founding fathers reaction upon hearing our interpretation of the 2nd amendment would be falling out of their chairs laughing followed by a look of abject horror when we say w, I feel like a grouchy old man for writing this, the only. Brickipedia:Chat/Logs/21 November 2012 < Brickipedia:Chat‎ | LogsBrickipedia:Chat‎ | Logs. View sourc

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  1. [::..latest blogs..::]:: THE EMPTY THREATS, BABY CANDY, PELVIS, MYSTERY SEA CREATURE and ROCKY'S PRIDE & JOY; SAWCY PAWS; Summer Sounds Festival w/ CUB SPORT and.
  2. May 2, 2013 - Demotivators® - The World's Best Demotivational Poster
  3. Their eyeballs roll, their blond legs burn like brush. The poor librarian begins to stamp her feet and weep. She does not understand. When I get on my knees and lick her hand, she screams. I am a new man. I snarl at her and bark. I romp with joy in the bookish dark. Posted by Geoff Klock at 9:57 PM. Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. Labels: commonplace.
  4. A compilation of funny, weird, entertaining random things I encounter over the net

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  1. If Bob owns the doorknob, he can lick it to his heart's content. If Alice doesn't like this, she can offer to buy the licking right off him! If she offers a high enough price, he'll accept! Reply. Matty Wacksen Apr 27. Yes, You don't reconcile everyone's individual preferences. The alternative is that some problems do not get solved even if the government sees a solution. I mean this kind of.
  2. He took us to some of his favorite places (such as the Lick Observatory), and a wide range of fabulous Asian restaurants around the Peninsula. I did my normal digression into chicken-walk photography around notable architecture, which works much better with Dan along - when he and Greta get tired of the architecture, they can sit and talk to each other about other things
  3. Maybe we should all be posting photo's of our eyeballs now ;-) ETA - double post appeared below. 41 QueenOfDenmark. Apr 15, 2008, 6:46am . This message has been deleted by its author. 42 Grammath. Apr 15, 2008, 7:02am . I have been on UK daytime quiz show Fifteen to One. I did really badly and host William G. Stewart has mad staring eyes that are really quite intimidating. 43 clamairy. Apr 15.
  4. axWk: and so on and so forth: tpw_rules:
  5. mesothelioma asbestos cance

[1] The School House Craft [2] conference is this weekend! I'm lucky to be on a panel with Molly from Orangette [3] and Blair from Wise Craft [4]. We're speaking on Friday on Blo The response to the Heartbleed bug illustrates another huge advantage of open source: how rapidly we can push fixes. The repair for my Linux systems was a push-one-button fix less than two days after the bug hit the news. Proprietary-software customers will be lucky to see a fix within two months, and all too many of them will never see a fix.

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Common sense isn't common. Adults don't always behave rationally, and sometimes, common sense leaves them completely to go on a two-week all-expenses-paid vacation to Bermuda. Because it's fun to learn what glaring flaws other adults have, here's a list of the best things doctors never thought they'd have to tell other grown-ups He was always a sneaky lick of a man. We never should have traded with him. But we did, and strange as it now seems, his kin may actually have thought of an idea that will benefit our Weyr. We just have to assist them in securing lands to hold. They can have plenty of land down here—as much as they like. They won't travel south. Why not? They say they can.

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High quality Fuck Computers inspired canvas prints by independent artists and designers from around the world. Independent art hand stretched around super sturdy wood frames. Printed with durable, fade-resistant inks. Turn your home, office, or studio into an art gallery, minus the snooty factor. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours Postmodern Reinterpretations of Fairy Tales. How Applying New Methods Generates New Meanings Edited by Anna Kérchy The Edwin Mellen Press, 2011. Hardcover, illustrated, 520 pages ISBN10: -7734-1519-X ISBN13: 978--7734-1519-5 A blog about me(working tittle You lick the stamp, and you press it to the envelope at that corner. And it stays there. Or does it? I was sending greeting cards recently, putting them in the envelopes they came with. Some of them sported envelopes made of some shiny gold-colored paper. I licked the stamp, put it on the paper and in a few minutes, as soon as it had dried, the stamp would pop up, curl, and drop off. The. Frivolous Friday, 12.04.2009: Reimaginings. Just home from spending the evening working on a project with a fellow geek, which wound down with lively discussion of the various incarnations of the Star Trek franchise. Not surprisingly, at some point the deviations from the original series' canon came up

spluff +4-0 That was possibly the most intricately crafted pun I have ever had the mis/fortune of laying my eyes open. At first I thought it was just a bit of a stretch, and tha And it's not exactly accurate that it's controlled by 1 person. Ultimately FB can't do anything we don't want it to do. If FB does something we don't like, we're just one tab lick away from putting them out of business. The last thing we need is more useless regulations that will stifle the already stiffled and slowing of innovation All the folks were sitting in their booths, chowing down on Big Macs and Pronto Pups and soy burgers and sate and parathas, smirkin' and snarlin' and sneerin', when all of a sudden a coupla heads exploded, just like that, squirting hair, teeth and eyeballs, and special sauces of various flavors [no vegemite, tho!] in a zillion directions, all on the plate glass window out by the jungle. I wanna do you, right where you're standing Right in the foyer, on this dark day Right in plain view, oh yeah Say Anything are probably in the very same state as me at this very moment, and yet I won't be seeing them play.How is this fair? Come back boys, don't be like that

Volume 95, Issue 2 When you've driven the car into the swamp -- up to our eyeballs in debt, fighting two wars in behalf of shaky regimes, trying to keep a lid on Iran, Congress in a frozen stupor -- and then you throw mudballs at the tow-truck driver, you are betting on the electorate having the memory of a guppy. You can parade up and down stark naked and pretend it's very fine silk and fool a lot of people. This article lists references to the show ''[[Futurama]]'' '''in popular culture''', which are references made by other media to ''Futurama'' itself Yes, time has been good to that game where I just randomly clip thru floors, blue coins clip thru walls, Mario randomly spazzes out while on ledges, minigames handle failure in inconsistent ways, cutscenes have Mario in 2 places @ once & 1 cutscene has Peach with her own eyeballs as earrings, — & those are just the unquestionable bugs, much less the mo' subjective sloppy level design. As much as my faultless personality comforts the dying puppies that make up my audience through those hard times where they don't get a little lick of mommy's milkies for entirely non-sexual and perfectly sustenance-based purposes, my charisma only exists so far as the wild and wacky world of Teh Interwebz will allow me to broadcast my propaganda, and I, too, must exist in meatspace. My.

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* Claire Lynch, which dominates discussions concerning Wrestling/{{TNA}}'s worst angle, becomes even worse when one stops to think about it. Wrestling/ChristopherDaniels and Wrestling/FrankieKazarian accuse Dixie Carter of having an affair with her employee, Wrestling/AJStyles One of my favorite videos from Periodic Videos!: http://bit.ly/LTQFnr Check out the Periodic Videos Channel! http://bit.ly/PeriodicVids Here are the specs on the. da ich mich die letzten Tage extrem ber meinen Internetzugangsprovider, bei dem ich einen 50mbit Internetzugang via Kabel habe, habe gern. m ssen, sind bei mir ein paar Fragen aufgekommen, die ich auf der. Homepage oder generell im Netz nicht allgemeing ltig habe kl ren k nnen: 1) Wie, wenn berhaupt, ist die Drosselung von Internetzug ngen Well I wanted to just count all of the comic links that are in the xkcd archive as a small exercise to help me get used to and better learn web scraping. I go through hell trying to do this but after more than a few hours later I finally have done it I returned every link of ONLY the comics, so it was time to start counting them LNP Oct-26-09 by Liberty Newspost - issuu. Internet News Record. 25/10/09 - 26/10/09. LibertyNewsprint.com U.S. Edition. Woman joins Obama golf entourage for first time By Caren Bohan (Front Row.

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The idle musings of a former military man, former computer geek, medically retired pastor and now full-time writer. Contents guaranteed to offend the politically correct and anal-retentive from time to time take a 2 liter bottle of soda. drink it all. cut the bottle in half. put the cap on and cut a small hole in the top of it. now take a plastic box thats bigger than the bottle, possibly a small bathroom trash can. submerge the open end of bottle in the water. notice how if you pull up on the bottle, the outside air is pulled into the bottle. this will aid you in certain things throughout your.

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