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  1. Here are a few User Stories examples that fit some made-up taxi app project: As a driver , I want to block badly behaved passengers so they are never shown me again . As a passenger , I want to link the credit card to my profile so that I can pay for a ride faster, easier and without cash
  2. For example, user stories might look like: As Max, I want to invite my friends, so we can enjoy this service together. As Sascha, I want to organize my work, so I can feel more in control. As a manager, I want to be able to understand my colleagues progress, so I can better report our sucess and failures
  3. EPIC. USER STORY. ACCEPTANCE CRITERIA. As an Acquisition Gateway User, I need to access the Acquisition ordering platform behind a secure so that I can purchase products. As an Acquisition Gateway User, I need to select an Auction product in the Acquisition ordering platform so that I can bid on it. Ensure the Acquisition Gateway User is able.
  4. User Storys mit Beispielen und Vorlage. User Storys sind Entwicklungsaufgaben, die oft als Kundentyp + Anforderung + Zweck formuliert werden. Zusammenfassung: Eine User Story ist eine informelle, allgemeine Erklärung eines Software-Features, die aus der Sicht des Endbenutzers verfasst wurde. Ihr Zweck ist es, zu zeigen, welchen Wert ein.
  5. User Story in Agile is a way of capturing the requirements and description of a software feature from the user's perspective. It is a small piece of work that can be built by the development team during the sprint and is of value to the end user. It describes what a user wants, who the user is, and why they want it
  6. Consider the following as another agile user story example: As a vice president of marketing, I want to select a holiday season to be used when reviewing the performance of past advertising campaigns so that I can identify profitable ones. Detail could be added to that user story example by adding the following conditions of satisfaction
  7. In agile software development, a user story is a brief, plain-language explanation of a feature or functionality written from a user's point of view. Many agile experts also describe a user story as the smallest unit of product development work that can lead to a complete element of user functionality

User Stories zur Anforderungsformulierung in Scrum Teams. User Stories sind der defacto Standard für die Formulierung von Anforderungen in Scrum-Teams und der Pflege deines Backlogs. Damit User Stories zur Formulierung von Anforderungen Sinn machen, ergänzt der Product Owner sie um Akzeptanzkriterien. Während die User Story die Anforderungen aus Sicht des Anwenders beschreibt, definieren die Akzeptanzkriterien die fachlichen Anforderungen, die das Produkt zum Zeitpunkt der Abnahme. Beispiele für User Stories: Ein neuer Kunde soll sich bei einem E-Learning-Portal registrieren, um sich auf eine Zertifizierung vorzubereiten. Ein Kunde möchte Waren in einem Webshop auswählen und dann bestellen. Ein IT-Administrator möchte Datenbanken verwalten, indem er Datensätze anlegt, ändert oder löscht

That's why we created this simple PDF with over 200 user story examples. These example user stories were written to describe several projects and they list everything that the product owner and Scrum team feel should be included in the software they are developing in a Scrum environment This real User Stories example is part of a project management course in which the creation of real User Stories is an important part of the training. Examples of Acceptance Criteria and Definitions of Done are provided with maximum realism User stories examples were created for those who perhaps don't know how their software product should work but have a clear understanding of what their customers want. In most cases, clients will write the majority of the user stories at the beginning of the project User stories are short, simple descriptions of a requirement told from the perspective of the person who would like a new feature. They typically follow a common template that is used to foster alignment with the work at hand and is not limited to tech or agile teams. In this article, we will cover: User Story; Acceptance Criteria; Prioritizatio

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Take an example of three User Stories below: Create a user interface with user name and password; show errors upon encountering incorrect credentials; Implement server side logic to track number of attempts and lock after 6 consecutive errors; System administrator should be able to view the number of attempt A user story is usually the simplest possible requirement and is about one and only one functionality (or one feature). The most commonly used standard format for a User Story creation is stated below: As a <user role/customer, I want to < goal to be accomplished> so that I can <reason of the goal> Each User Story also has Acceptance Criterion defined, so that correctness of implementation of the user story is confirmed by passing the Acceptance Test that is based on the Acceptance Criterion. Following are the sample acceptance criterion for the example of User Story Customer's Withdrawal of Cash. Acceptance Criterion 1 Examples of an agile story: iPhone users need access to a vertical view of the live feed when using the mobile app. Desktop users need a view fullscreen button in the lower right hand corner of the video player

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A User Story is a note that captures what a user does or needs to do as part of her work. Each User Story consists of a short description written from user's point of view, with natural language. Unlike the traditional requirement capturing, User Story focuses on what the user needs instead of what the system should deliver. This leaves room for further discussion of solutions and the result of a system that can really fit into the customers' business workflow, solving their operational. Take this user story for example: Sprintly supports collaboration on both the main user story and its sub-items, allowing team members to comment, tag other team members, make edits, and more. The more communication there is around stories and tasks, the better the outcome User story examples. User stories are short descriptions of something your customer will do on your website or application (or any product, be it software or something else). To help you develop stories that deliver value early and often, we've put together 10 user story examples, complete with acceptance criteria User Story Template With Examples. User stories are short, simple descriptions of a requirement told from the perspective of the person who would like a new feature. They typically follow a common template that is used to foster alignment with the work at hand and is not limited to tech or agile teams. In this article, we will cover: User Story How to create real user stories. A real example. Here is the practical exercise for creating real User Stories: Create 3 Real Product Backlog Items. For your innovative machine, create two User Stories and one in a functionally descriptive format. 3 total items. Use your old task list from your project, or come up with a new, more realistic one. You can create them for the machine body or the.

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That's why we created this simple PDF with over 200 user story examples. These example user stories were written to describe several projects and they list everything that the product owner and Scrum team feel should be included in the software they are developing in a Scrum environment. Download the Examples . Mike Cohn. One of the industry's most well respected Certified Scrum Trainers (CST. User Story Definition . User Stories (dt. Nutzer- oder Anwendererzählung) haben ihren Ursprung in der agilen Softwareentwicklung. Im Gegensatz zu einer klassischen Spezifikation beschreibt die User Story ausschließlich die Erwartungen des Nutzers an die Funktionalität einer Software und nicht etwa WIE die Anforderung umzusetzen ist A Guide to User Story Mapping: Templates and Examples (How to Map User Stories) Bonus Material: Free Template & Cards. Backlogs are exciting. Seeing all those potential features, updates, and bug fixes all in one place, just full of potential Yeah, sure. Right about now you probably think I'm full of something other than potential User Stories stehen im Backlog neben Epics und Tasks, Qualitätsanforderungen, Fehlern und Verbesserungen. User Stories bestehen aus wenigen, leicht verständlichen Sätzen. Sie sind kurz, aus Kundensicht jedoch spezifisch und detailliert. User Stories transportieren nicht nur Erwartungen an zukünftige IT-Systeme, sondern auch Anforderungen an Liefergegenstände, die agile Projekte. Eine User Story (Anwendererzählung) ist eine in Alltagssprache formulierte Software-Anforderung.Sie ist bewusst kurz gehalten und umfasst in der Regel nicht mehr als zwei Sätze. User Stories werden im Rahmen der agilen Softwareentwicklung (z. B. Extreme Programming (XP), Scrum) zusammen mit Akzeptanztests zur Spezifikation von Anforderungen eingesetzt

Let's rewrite some examples from the user story chart above as a Job Story and add motivation and context to each one. User Story: As a moderator, I want to create a new game by entering a name and an optional description, so that I can start inviting estimators. Job Story: When I'm ready to have estimators bid on my game, I want to create a game in a format estimators can understand, so. Example of a user story with a 'system' as a user Enabler Stories. Teams may need to develop the architecture or infrastructure to implement some user stories or support components of the system. In this case, the story may not directly touch any end user. These are enabler stories and they support exploration, architecture, or infrastructure. Enabler stories can be expressed in technical. Here are some example user stories for business expense tracking software: As the data entry person, I want to upload spreadsheets, so I don't have to cut and paste data. As a traveling sales rep, I want to import images of receipts, so I don't have to carry them around. As a finance manager, I want to be able to make changes to the stock expense report templates, so I don't have to. User Story Examples. Here are some examples of user stories to make everything more concrete. As a product manager with a remote team, I want to put user stories on a digital board, so that we can all see the one we're discussing in an online meeting. As a product manager with a remote team, I want to invite members of my team and up to 10 others to an online meeting, so that we can. These two examples demonstrate User Stories at different levels, but using the same format: At a project level As a Marketing Director, I need to improve customer service So that we retain our customers. At a detailed level As an Investor, I need to see a summary of my investment accounts, So that I can decide where to focus my attention. User Stories provide another powerful message. Choosing.

User story; Acceptance Criteria; Design attached to the user story; As we have already created an epic, to build a feature that allows the user to share the photos from their devices with their contacts. I would like to continue with the same example to write some user stories. User story: As a user, I want to select photos from my device in. But writing user stories that help a team build great software can be challenging. The post shares five common user story mistakes and how to overcome them. Story Mania. Some product owners and teams are so fond of user stories that everything is expressed as a story. This either results in some rather odd stories - stories that capture the.

It is possible to incorporate the non-functional requirements also in the user stories. In the given ATM example, the ATM to be available to the user 24X7, 365 days is a non-functional requirement, which can be described by a use case. Managing User Stories. User Stories are managed in the Product Backlog. The User Stories are ordered according to priority. The most prioritized user stories. More user onboarding examples and best practices to learn from. Onboarding isn't just about giving new users a warm welcome. It's about helping new users experience the value of your product first-hand and setting them up for long-term success. These examples are just 5 of hundreds of onboarding flows that we love. Head over to ReallyGoodUX to see more of our favorites (or nominate your.

Ok, you've mastered the concept of As a <user>, I want <x> because <y>. But when it comes to writing the details inside the story, you're inconsistent — either wildly detailed and. Take an example of three User Stories below: Create a user interface with user name and password; show errors upon encountering incorrect credentials. Implement server side logic to track number of attempts and lock after 6 consecutive errors. System administrator should be able to view the number of attempts Hi Vit, You can find user story examples in my other posts on user stories. I would hope, though, that my tips allow you to start telling stories about how users interact with your product. Remember: A user story is simply a story, no more and no less. And we all can tell stories. Reply . vicque l amos says: October 19, 2016 at 14:44. I'm new to agile methodology working on a new product. Example A: Example User Stories from Enable Quiz (Startup) Example Epic I. This epic story deals with the example company Enable Quiz and the HR manager wanting to create a quiz to screen engineering candidates. is organized in a more conventional fashion (vs. the epic above that's storyboarded). Epic Story: As the HR manager, I want to create a screening quiz so that I make sure I'm.

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Story maps can easily provide a two-dimensional graphical visualization of the Product Backlog: At the top of the map are the headings under which stories are grouped, usually referred to as 'epics' (big coarse-grained user stories), 'themes' (collections of related user stories) or 'activities'. These are identified by orienting at the user's workflow or the order you'd explain the. For example, a user story might start out: As a user I want to create a new account. But what is really involved in creating a new account? The user needs to supply a username, password, and other pertinent information. Each individual action needs a corresponding user story, and the more specific each story is, the easier things will be later on for designers and developers. So. Here's an example of a user story for a basic e-commerce site: As a customer, I want to be able to view the items in my cart so that I know for sure what I'm purchasing. Acceptance criteria often accompanies the user story. These criteria are the boundaries of the user story (feature) and they essentially determine when the user story is completed. Acceptance criteria is also what the.

If you're a product manager, user stories are a critical part of how you interact with your team. Nothing trumps a face-to-face conversation, but the key to starting that conversation is a good story. For example, imagine that your team is building an e-commerce site that enables college students to sell their books to other college students at the end of the semester. Rather than selling to. If it were truly a user story, the user would be the focus like in this example: As an amateur chef, I want to log into the system because I want to access recipes behind the paywall. You'll note that the whole character of the story has changed. Security and technology standards are not the primary concern of the user, so they aren't reflected. It doesn't reflect the business requirement of. Example User Story & Acceptance Criteria. As a recurring customer, I want to reorder items from my previous orders so I don't have to search for them each time. AC1. Order history option is displayed on accounts page. AC2. Previously purchased items are displayed when clicking on order history. AC3. User may add previously ordered items to the cart. Visualize the Workflow. Whether you have. But while user stories and use cases are definitely similar, there are important differences between them. Each serves a distinct purpose, and I think they both have their place on a well-run software project. I think the easiest way to understand the difference between use cases and user stories is to take a look at an example. Luckily, I've. - user stories define the user type. For instance in the sample user story mentioned above, we can clearly identify the user as a frequent movie goer. Note that we do not dive deeper into her personality, but just focus on the character traits relating to our product usage

Example: The user is allowed to reset their password once they have received a password reset email. The email should contain a unique link for resetting the password and that link should expire after two hours. Create your own users stories and product requirements → Who writes it? User stories can be written by just about anyone close to the software — developers raising issues, a QA. Free ASM Course: https://www.simplilearn.com/agile-scrum-master-basics-skillup?utm_campaign=ASM&utm_medium=DescriptionFirstFold&utm_source=youtubeIn this v.. User Stories And The Alternatives. If the Sprint is the heartbeat of Scrum, the Product Backlog is its backbone. To be effective, a Backlog must be comprised of individual items written in such a way that the team understands not just what work must be completed, but why. For this reason, many Scrum Teams use templates to write backlog items For example, a user story created from a bug report may require a screenshot of the issue to be take and attached in order to speed up the software debugging process. Prioritize the story . You're in the home stretch of the user story template! Now you'll need to consider the urgency of the story and assign it a priority. Once again, this is an area where you'll need to use your own judgment.

able to illustrate a user story with an example (including user's goal, existing context, user's actions and expected outcomes) Intermediate. able to divide up the functional goals of a development effort into user stories (possibly epics), ensuring no gaps are left; knows several formats for expressing user stories and can choose the most appropriate one ; able to express the acceptance. To see the times when job stories may be better than user stories, let's look at some sample job stories and their corresponding user stories. When an Order Is Submitted... Let's start with this job story: Job Story: When an order is submitted, I want to see a warning message so I can avoid resubmitting the order. This story describes the behavior seen on most eCommerce sites warning a. For the example user story: As a writer, I want to receive notifications when others add comments so that I am up-to-date. Here are three examples of acceptance criteria for the above user story: Given I don't have app open when my phone is locked then I should receive a banner notification. Given I have the app open when I am writing on the doc then the bell icon should update to show.

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Subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay up to date on all of our world-class products and exciting updates: https://goo.gl/YhZF9hWithin Agile, user stories. 2 — User stories. A user story is a short statement or abstract that identifies the user and their need/goal. It determines who the user is, what they need and why they need it. There is usually one user story per user persona. As we touched on above, there are often multiple user personas — it's a good thing that user stories are brief! For example: As a UX Manager, John oversees all. An example: As a bank customer; I want to withdraw money from an ATM; So that I'm not constrained by opening hours or lines at the teller's; Also Known As . Another name is the Connextra format, in recognition of its origins (see below). Expected Benefits. This template serves as training wheels, reminding people in conversation about user stories to pay attention not just to. For example, a simple vertical slice would encompass the data access layer, the business logic layer (a.k.a. middleware layer) and the user interface layer. A vertically sliced story should also encompass the testing that corresponds to the functionality being delivered. Vertical slicing is intimidating to teams when they first experiment with it. Even teams that understand it conceptually.

In our use case example, you will see that there are several components of a use case which we will review. In the mean time, review the table below to get a basic understanding of what is in the use case and then we will review each element as we progress through our use case example. Use Case Element: Description: Use Case Number: ID to represent your use case: Application: What system or. Don't get me wrong, the user story narrative is critical to conveying the purpose and value of a user story. Here's just one of many resources online explaining the advantages of a user story narrative, and how well written user stories help product owners communicate features to the team For example, as a result of your hacker's evil user story, you may add a story to obscure all but the last 4 digits of all credit cards to a user who is viewing their billing information. Or, as a result of your disgruntled employee's evil user story, you may decide to add an automated alert to review all active admin user accounts in the system every 30 days to ensure that no former.

Whether and how to use user stories in your project depends on many different variables and user stories explained will explain the details of user stories, the different types of user stories and give plenty of examples. All this is needed for a better understanding and for deciding how user stories can help you on your project User Stories ( Anwendererzählungen ) beschreiben einen Verbraucher und dessen Grund warum er den zu erstellenden Dienst nutzt. Diese User Stories sind absolut erforderlich zur Erstellung und Betreibung eines Dienstes, der die Bedürfnisse der Nutzer erfüllt. Es sollte sichergestellt werden, dass jedes Teammitglied User Stories schreibt und diese aus folgenden Gründen nutzt Examples of User Stories. As a [valid user], I want [to access the system] so that [I can review my information]. As an [administrator], I want to [restrict access to the system to valid users] so that [I can ensure we protect user information]. Who Writes the User Stories? User stories are written by a business representative in customer specific language. We do this because we want. Examples of User Stories. As a user, I want to migrate all my data backup in a cloud system to free up my device. As a student, I can order official transcripts online to save time. As a consumer, I want to shop grocery items from a mobile app so that I could skip the lines in the store. Task . Below each epic is a more detailed set of user stories. And for those stories to turn into workable.

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  1. So, for example, this story, As a user, I can search for flights between two destinations. stays simple by splitting off variations like, specifying a max number of stops. including nearby airports. using flexible dates. etc. Pattern #5: Variations in Data. Complexity in a story can come from handling variations in data. For example, a system I'm currently working on needs to.
  2. After teaching User Stories to more than 20,000 people I know they help teams deliver high-quality products to market faster. But I also know there are still too many agile teams struggling to master them. If you're finding user stories difficult to work with, you'll love this free training. Sign up to discover: Why people still struggle with user stories, but why you shouldn't give up using.
  3. User-story maps contain 3 main levels of actions (activities, steps, and details) that users will take in a digital product to complete their goals. Why It's Called User-Story Mapping . If you're new to the concept of user stories, they are informal, natural language descriptions of features, UI elements, or tasks, written from the perspective of the user. They're intended to get the.
  4. User Story Mapping Story Mapping is a better way to work with Agile User Stories. User Story Mapping is a dead simple idea. Talk about the user's journey through your product by building a simple model that tells your user's story as you do. It turns out this simple idea makes working with user stories in agile development a lot easier. More importantly it'll keep your users and what.
  5. Here are many examples of short stories for you to read online. Online has become another leg in our life. WE have to take that into account so that we will go along the growth of the science and technology. Computer has revolutionalised our world. The people have started to see another world. What we were has become history. The twentieth century has become remote history. The IT companies.
  6. User story mapping gives you a way of thinking about a product and its features — typically software — from the perspective of your customers or users. This is facilitated by defining things that the user can do (known as user stories) within the context of your core user journeys
  7. Here's an example of a possible user story, As a project manager, I want to print out my Gantt charts, so I can hang them on my office wall. The persona would be project manager; the action would be printing, and the benefit would be hanging the Gantt chart on the wall. This simple user story helps the development team better understand how customers use a product feature in the real.

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  1. For example, let's take a user story in which the user wants to be able to pay for purchases in an online store. There are now two possible paths: payment with a credit card or payment with Paypal. Payment with a credit card can theoretically be further subdivided, but you need to weigh up whether it makes sense for each type of credit card to have its own story. The overriding task of paying.
  2. User Story Mapping tool for agile product management. Real-time, two-way Trello, JIRA, GitHub, Pivotal Tracker integration. Try StoriesOnBoard Free
  3. User stories are often recorded on index cards, on Post-it notes, or in project management software. Depending on the project, user stories may be written by various stakeholders such as clients, users, managers or development team members. It is easy to think that user stories are just software requirements, but they're not. When carrying out user story mapping, the right user story.
  4. User Stories are the highest-level requirement artifacts in the software development lifecycle. Here are some examples of User Stories: As an application user attempting to save the document, I want to see a warning if the desired document name already exists; The warning should allow me to choose whether to overwrite an existing one
  5. Short Stories for All Readers. Although we're introduced to short stories as children, the fascination may remain all throughout our lives. If it's your goal to make the switch from reader to writer someday, you'll benefit from the article Get Creative: How to Write a Short Story.Until then, let's enjoy some examples from the masters
  6. Further, testability of the user story is captured in the acceptance criteria; it should denote the The Who (user), The What (capability), and The Why (outcome) of the increment. For additional detail on writing user stories, check out our User Story Examples , or review Defining When a Requirement is Complete on defining acceptance criteria

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  1. g, Scrum, and Kanban. Mind that different approaches often use specific ­templates for how to phrase user stories. See, for example, Schwaber, K., & Beedle, M. (2002). Agile Software Development with Scrum (Vol. 1). Prentice Hall
  2. Examples of User Stories: Good and Bad. Below are examples of user stories which include too much detail, not enough detail, and an appropriate amount of detail. Too Much Detail: As an end user, I want the ability to access the human resource database to generate a staffing report with employee names, dates of birth, social security numbers, addresses, and telephone numbers, so that I can.
  3. User stories seem simple. But because they are not lengthy documents with an endless checklist of requirements, teams run the risk of misinterpreting the rules. The result can be creating user stories that aren't actually user stories. They may be feature lists, or job stories, bugs or non-functional requirements. These subjects are important.
  4. • Provides an overview of a sample Agile meth-odology and a set of security tasks that may be beneficial. Section 2 to ensure user stories are covered by relevant security stories. Security stories that are purely non-functional, for example as an architect/ developer, I want to ensure graceful handling of all exceptions, need to be placed into the backlog as agreed with the.
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User Story Mapping Example. User Story Template. User Story Mapping Template. Customer Journey Map Template. Patient Journey Mapping Template. Creately helps you do this with. Pre-designed templates for user story mapping Easy drawing and diagramming tools for mapping user stories Share with others in your team for real-time collaboration and group editing Export your diagrams as SVGs, PNGs. 40 Use Case Templates & Examples (Word, PDF) A Use Case is usually used in software designing, but as a tool, it is effective for any type of management. A USE Case defines what needs to happen upon a particular action in order for that action to be completed successfully. It is important to use a USE Case because it easily outlines all that is. The User Story is the unit of delivery. It is the user story that is complete or not complete, goes live or does not go live. An Epic may result in a large number of user stories, not all will be developed or released at the same time. As an example, the Browse Product Catalog epic may break down into Each user story is supposed to be finalized within a single sprint (though teams will typically work on several user stories at a time). However, this short timeframe poses a challenge for appropriately planning and tracking work when UX is at least a sprint ahead of development; for many teams, the question of where UX activities fit into user stories becomes tricky to negotiate User stories serve the same purpose as use cases but are not the same. They are used to create time estimates for the release planning meeting. They are also used instead of a large requirements document. User Stories are written by the customers as things that the system needs to do for them. They are similar to usage scenarios, except that they are not limited to describing a user interface.

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User Stories Written sequences of actions and events that lead to an outcome• Good stories are standalone, short and testable• Bridge between users, designers and developers• A quick way to process new requirements 11. User StoriesAs a <role>, I want to <do what > so that I could <benefit how>. 12 Some places to start include articles from Atlassian, FreeCodeCamp, Agile Modeling, and these 200 user story examples. One of the more complete writeups is in Alexander Cowan's best agile user. A user story can capture a UX requirement in a very succinct way. For example: As a.. publisher user, I want to.. be able to review articles before they are published, So that.. I can provide feedback and ensure quality in a timely manner. This story indicates first the user's role, what this user wants to accomplish, and then explains the reason behind it. This is great as it provides. Here is an example of User Stories for an imaginary Point-of-Sale system. The user is denoted as a Buyer. As a buyer, I want to pay by tapping my debit card so that I spend less time in the checkout process. As a buyer, I want to be able to enter my pin code when transactions are over $100 so that I know that I'm secure if my card is stolen. As a merchant, I want debit cards to be checked to.

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  1. Follow These Steps: STEP 1 -- Write the Label. The Label is the epic/story name. It's a very short phrase used to quickly and easily refer to the epic or story. Example: Edit Flight Plan after.
  2. User Story Example Title: Search for candidates by role, specialty, and geographic location. Description: As a candidate search user, I need the ability to search for candidates by specialty so that I can more efficiently refer patients to specialists. Acceptance Criteria: The candidate search mechanism has the ability to enter a role. The candidate search mechanism has the ability to enter a.
  3. Here is an example user story: As a website user, I need a home button . So that I can return to the homepage with a single click or tap. During the Scrum event of backlog refinement, the team reviews user stories and drafts acceptance criteria, which detail specific characteristics of a solution. These criteria are also sometimes called.
  4. e what needs to be done and the amount of work required to complete the User Story or PBI.. The Team must understand the done criteria and what tests will be performed to demonstrate that the story is complete.Ready stories should be clear, concise, and.
  5. g mix of diverseness. 11
  6. For example, this Story from @TopShopcanada rapidly flickers through dozens of outfit shots featuring the same pair of jeans, inviting and requiring admirers to take a screencap to get a closer look at any of them. Source: @Topshopcanada. Brand first and fast. According to Facebook, users move 41% faster through mobile feeds than desktop. And so when it comes to Stories, the most effective.
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